• n. 蚂蚁般的爬行;[医] 蚁走感
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formication 蚂走感

来自拉丁语formica, 蚂蚁。用于皮肤病名词,即仿佛蚂蚁在全身爬一样的奇痒病症。

formication (n.)
crawling sensation as of ants on the skin, 1707, from Latin formicationem (nominative formicatio), noun of action from formicare "to crawl like ants," from formica "ant" (see Formica (n.2)).
1. The woman developed lightheadedness, dyspnoea, tongue numbness, muscle twitching and formication on the legs and back.
这位妇女出现头晕 、 呼吸困难 、 舌头麻木 、 肌肉抽搐、下肢和背部走蚁感.


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