英 [flə'dʒɪʃəs]
  • adj. 极恶的;残忍的;卑鄙无耻的
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flagitious (adj.)
"shamefully wicked, criminal," late 14c., from Old French flagicieus or directly from Latin flagitiosus "shameful, disgraceful, infamous," from flagitium "shameful act, passionate deed, disgraceful thing," related to flagrum "a whip, scourge, lash," and flagitare "to demand importunately," all from PIE root *bhlag- "to strike" (see flagellum). Related: Flagitiously; flagitiousness.
1. That remorseless government persisted in its flagitious project ( Robert Southey )
残无人道的政府继续着它无耻的计划 ( 罗伯特索锡 )


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