• n. 国库;罗马皇帝王室财库
  • n. (Fisk)人名;(英、瑞典)菲斯克
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fisk (v.)
2002, an Internet argument tactic involving a reprinting of a text, interlarded with rebuttals and refutations. Named for English journalist Robert Fisk (b.1946), Middle East correspondent for the "Independent," whose writing often criticizes America and Israel and is somewhat noted for looseness with details. Critics responded in this style. Related: Fisked; fisking.
1. Among the more famous are Christopher Parkening, John Williams, Elliot Fisk and Oscar Ghiglia.
其中有著名的克里斯托弗·帕肯宁, 约翰·威廉姆斯, 埃利奥特·费思科,奥斯卡·吉利亚.


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