英 [fɪə]
  • n. 伴侣;配偶
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fere (n.)
"companion" (obsolete), from Middle English fere, a shortening of Old English gefera "associate, comrade, fellow-disciple; wife, man, servant," from Proto-Germanic *for-ja-, related to the root of faran "to go, travel" (see fare (v.)). Literally "one who goes with another." Compare German Gefährte "companion," from the same root; also, from causative *forjan-, Old High German fuoren. "to lead," modern German Fuhrer.
1. I am looking for a fere who is responsible, mature, kind, humorous, love life and compassionate.
我寻找的是一位负责任 、 成熟 、 善良 、 幽默 、 热爱生活,有一定经济能力的男人为友.


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