英 ['fælkeɪt] 美
  • adj. 钩状的,镰状的
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falcate 钩子状的

来自拉丁语falcatus, 钩子,镰刀,来自PIE*dhalk, 切割,切割工具,词源同deal, 切分,分配。字母d,f音变。

falcate (adj.)
"hooked, curved like a scythe or sickle," 1801, from Latin falcatus "sickle-shaped, hooked, curved," from falcem (nominative falx) "sickle," which is of uncertain origin, perhaps a borrowing from a non-Latin Indo-European language of Italy. De Vaan lists cognates as Old Irish delg "thorn, pin," Welsh dala "sting," Lithuanian dilge "nettle," Old Norse dalkr "pin, spine, dagger," Old English delg "clasp." Related: Falcated; falcation; falciform (1766).