英 ['espədrɪl; ,espə'drɪl]
  • n. 帆布便鞋;登山帆布鞋
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espadrille 帆布便鞋

e-, 缓音字母。-spadr, 来自PIE*sper, 转,编织,词源同spiral,Sparta.

espadrille (n.)
shoe with soles of hemp-rope (originally worn in the Pyrenees), 1892, from French espadrille (17c.), from Provençal espardillo, from Latin spartum "Spanish broom, Spanish grass," a plant of Iberia and North Africa that produced a fiber used to make mats, nets, ropes, etc., from Greek sparton "rope made of spartos" ("Spanish broom"), from PIE *spr-to-, from root *sper- (2) "to turn, twist" (see Sparta). For initial e- see e-.