英 [ɪ'fem(ə)rə; -'fiːm-] 美 [ɪ'fɛmərə]
  • n. 蜉蝣
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ephemera (n.)
late 14c., originally a medical term, from Medieval Latin ephemera (febris) "(fever) lasting a day," from fem. of ephemerus, from Greek ephemeros "daily, for the day," also "lasting or living only one day, short-lived," from epi "on" (see epi-) + hemerai, dative of hemera "day," from PIE *amer- "day." Sense extended 17c. to short-lived insects (Modern Latin ephemera musca) and flowers; general sense of "thing of transitory existence" is first attested 1751. Compare Greek ephemeroi "men," literally "creatures of a day."
1. a collection of postcards, tickets and other ephemera


2. Large new souvenir shop, antique and ephemera sales on the ground floor.
新的大型礼品店, 古董店和蜉蝣销售地下.


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