英 ['endlɒŋ] 美
  • adv. 纵
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endlong (prep., adv.)
c. 1200, "from end to end, lengthwise; through or over the length of," from Old English andlang "from end to end, lengthwise" (see along) with Middle English substitution of ende (see end (n.)) for first element. Meaning "at full length, horizontally" is from early 15c. In Middle English frequently paired with overthwart and together meaning "lengthwise and crosswise," hence "in all directions."
1. Because of the suction, The bottle can stand endlong on the pose is full of art.
而因为磁铁的作用, 三个本不可以直立的瓶身平稳的直立着,具有很强的观赏性和艺术感.


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