英 [,elɪf(ə)n'taɪəsɪs] 美 [,ɛlɪfən'taɪəsɪs]
  • n. [内科] 象皮病
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elephantiasis 象皮肿(因淋巴系统阻塞而引起的身体肿胀)

来自拉丁语elephant,象。-asis, 疾病后缀。

elephantiasis (n.)
1580s, from Greek elephantos, genitive of elephas "elephant" (see elephant) + -iasis "pathological or morbid condition." It refers to two diseases, one characterized by thickening of a body part (E. Arabum), the other, older meaning is "disease characterized by skin resembling an elephant's" (E. Græcorum, also called Egyptian leprosy). In Middle English, elephancy (late 14c.).
1. Mosquitoes also carry lymphatic filariasis, also known as elephantiasis.
蚊子也会携带淋巴丝虫病, 也称为象皮病.


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