英 [dɪ'stempə] 美 [dɪ'stɛmpɚ]
  • vt. 用胶画颜料画;使精神紊乱
  • n. 犬瘟热;病;不高兴;胶画颜料
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distemper 瘟热

dis-, 不,非,使相反。temper, 调和,锻造。原指古代医学上因人体体液调和不均而引起的疾病,后用于指瘟热。参照humor,体液,体液学说。

distemper: English has two distinct words distemper, although ultimately they come from the same source, Latin temperāre ‘mingle’ (source of English temper, temperate, and temperature). This formed the basis of two separate medieval Latin verbs, both compounded from the prefix dis- but using it in quite different ways. Dis- in the sense ‘reversal of a current state’ joined with temperāre in the specialized meaning ‘mingle in proper proportion’ to produce distemperāre ‘upset the proper balance of bodily humours’, hence ‘vex, make ill’.

This passed directly into English as distemper [14], and survives today mainly as the term for an infectious disease of dogs. Disjoined with temperāre in its intensive function produced medieval Latin distemperāre ‘mix thoroughly, soak’, which entered English via Old French destemprer in the 14th century. The meaning ‘soak, steep, infuse’ survived until the 17th century: ‘Give the Horse thereof every morning … the quantity of a Hasel-nut distempered in a quart of Wine’, Edward Topsell, History of Four-footed Beasts 1607.

The word’s modern application, to a water-based decorator’s paint, comes from the fact that the pigment is mixed with or infused in water (the same notion lies behind tempera [19], borrowed from Italian).

=> temper, temperate, temperature
distemper (v.)
mid-14c., "to disturb," from Old French destemprer, from Medieval Latin distemperare "vex, make ill," literally "upset the proper balance (of bodily humors)," from dis- "un-, not" (see dis-) + Latin temperare "mingle in the proper proportion" (see temper (v.)). Related: Distempered.
distemper (n.)
1550s, from distemper (v.); in reference to a disease of dogs, from 1747.
1. Dogs must be vaccinated against distemper.


2. The distemper held him a long time, and at length carried him off.
他病了很长时间, 最后谢世.


3. Immunization for parvo is usually included in your dog's distemper vaccine.


4. No treatment other than supportive care exists for canine distemper.


5. Dog, mink distemper, dog tiny virus and so on virulent diseases.
犬 、 水貂的犬瘟热 、 犬细小病毒等病毒性疾病.


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