英 [kɒb] 美 [kɑb]
  • n. 雄天鹅;玉米穗轴;结实的矮脚马;圆块
  • vt. 捣碎
  • n. (Cob)人名;(西)科夫
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1. cobweb => cob 字面含义:"heap, lump, rounded object," also "head, rounded head".
2. => cobnut and cobloaf, for example, are spherical, and the male swan is the 'chief' or 'leader'.
3. cob even maybe cognate or related with Latin caput 'head'.
cob 玉米棒子,圆面包

来自PIE*geu, 块,圆块,词源同cod, cog, cudgel. 含有多种词义,用于指各种圆块状物体。

cob: [15] Cob has a bizarre range of meanings – ‘nut’, ‘horse’, ‘male swan’, ‘loaf’, ‘ear of maize’ – but a distillation of them points back to an original ‘head, or something similarly rounded’ (cobnuts and cobloaves, for example, are spherical, and the male swan is the ‘chief’ or ‘leader’). It is therefore tempting to see a connection with the now obsolete cop ‘top, head’ (probably represented in cobweb), and even with Latin caput ‘head’.
=> cobble
cob (n.)
a word or set of identical words with a wide range of meanings, many seeming to derive from notions of "heap, lump, rounded object," also "head" and its metaphoric extensions. With cognates in other Germanic languages; of uncertain origin and development. "The N.E.D. recognizes eight nouns cob, with numerous sub-groups. Like other monosyllables common in the dial[ect] its hist[ory] is inextricable" [Weekley]. In the 2nd print edition, the number stands at 11. Some senses are probably from Old English copp "top, head," others probably from Old Norse kubbi or Low German, all perhaps from a Proto-Germanic base *kubb- "something rounded." Among the earliest attested English senses are "headman, chief," and "male swan," both early 15c., but the surname Cobb (1066) suggests Old English used a form of the word as a nickname for "big, leading man." The "corn shoot" sense is attested by 1680s.
1. Here's a way of barbecuing corn-on-the-cob that I learned in the States.


2. corn on the cob


3. Come on, why should COB say and piss lotsof people with that?
再说, cob为什麽非得说这种会惹恼那麽多人的话?


4. By using FC or COB, die products are mounded in the MCM.


5. COB. TAB. COG mould train technology.
COB. TAB. COG模组工艺技术制作.