英 ['keɪmən] 美 ['kemən]
  • n. [脊椎] 凯门鳄(等于cayman);(美洲热带所产之)鳄鱼
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caiman 凯门鳄


caiman (n.)
also cayman, 1570s, from Portuguese or Spanish caiman, from Carib acayouman "crocodile," or perhaps from a Congo African word applied to the reptiles in the new world by African slaves. "The name appears to be one of those like anaconda and bom, boma, which the Portuguese or Spaniards very early caught up in one part of the world, and naturalized in another." [OED]
1. A crocodilian reptile, such as an alligator , a caiman, or a gavial.
鳄类动物鳄类爬行动物, 如短吻鳄 、 凯门鳄或长吻鳄.


2. During an autopsy, one dead caiman was found to have a large hook in its stomach.
某次尸检发现, 一头死亡的凯门鳄的胃里发现一把大鱼钩.