英 ['ɑːtɪtʃəʊk] 美 ['ɑrtɪtʃok]
  • n. 朝鲜蓟(形似百合果的绿果);菊芋(等于Jerusalem artichoke);洋蓟(等于globe artichoke)
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artichoke 洋蓟

词源略。俗词源,art, 艺术。choke, 堵塞。噎住艺术家喉咙的。比较antimony.

artichoke: [16] The word artichoke is of Arabic origin; it comes from al kharshōf ‘the artichoke’, which was the Arabic term for a plant of the thistle family with edible flower-parts. This was borrowed into Spanish as alcarchofa, and passed from there into Italian as arcicioffo. In northern dialects this became articiocco, the form in which the word was borrowed into other European languages, including English.

The term was first applied to the Jerusalem artichoke, a plant with edible tuberous roots, early in the 17th century. The epithet Jerusalem has no connection with the holy city; it arose by folk etymology, that is, the adaptation of an unfamiliar foreign word to the lexical system of one’s own language. In this case the word was girasole, Italian for ‘sunflower’ (the Jerusalem artichoke is of the sunflower family).

artichoke (n.)
1530s, from articiocco, Northern Italian variant of Italian arcicioffo, from Old Spanish alcarchofa, from Arabic al-hursufa "artichoke." The Northern Italian variation probably is from influence of ciocco "stump."

Folk etymology has twisted the word in English; the ending is probably influenced by choke, and early forms of the word in English include archecokk, hortichock, artychough, hartichoake. The plant was known in Italy by 1450s, brought to Florence from Naples in 1466, and introduced in England in the reign of Henry VIII. French artichaut (16c.), German Artischocke (16c.) both are also from Italian.
1. Artichoke , Signow Milo ? An artichoke is a very tasty vegetable that is popular everywhere.
迈洛先生, 您问的是朝鲜蓟 吗 ?朝鲜蓟是一种很好吃的蔬菜,在这一带很受欢迎.


2. The main components of Jerusalem artichoke powder, more dietary fiber and sugar.
其主要成分为菊芋粉 、 膳食纤维和多糖类.


3. The Jerusalem artichoke is not artichoke, nor does it come from Jerusalem.
菊芋不是朝鲜蓟, 也不产自耶路撒冷.


4. Yes , I'll have creamed chicken, just the bread and the artichoke hearts.
我点一份奶油煮鸡 、 面包和洋蓟菜心.


5. BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE were administered in a compartmented fashion.