英 ['æŋkəraɪt] 美 ['æŋkəraɪt]
  • n. 隐士
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anchorite (n.)
mid-15c., "hermit (especially those of the Eastern deserts), recluse, one who withdraws from the world for religious reasons," from Medieval Latin anchorita, from Greek anakhoretes, literally "one who has retired," agent noun from anakhorein "to retreat, go back, retire," from ana- "back" (see ana-) + khorein "withdraw, give place," from khoros "place, space, free space, room." Replaced Old English ancer, from Late Latin anchoreta.
1. Guard against injuring anchorite! If ye have done so, however, well then, kill him also!
注意别伤害隐士! 假如你已经这么作了, 那么还是干脆把他给宰了的好!


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