英 ['æltrʊɪz(ə)m] 美 ['æltruɪzəm]
  • n. 利他;利他主义
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altruism 利他主义

alter, 异,他人。-ism, 主义,见Marxist.

altruism: [19] Etymologically as well as semantically, altruism contains the notion of ‘other people’. It was borrowed from French altruisme, which was apparently coined in 1830 by the philosopher Auguste Comte on the basis of Italian altrui ‘that which belongs to other people’. This was the oblique case of altro ‘other’, from Latin alter. Littré’s Dictionnaire de la langue française suggests that the coinage was based on such French legal phrases as le bien d’autrui ‘the welfare of others’ and le droit d’autrui ‘the rights of others’ (autrui corresponds to Italian altrui).
=> alias, alter, else
altruism (n .)
1853, "unselfishness, opposite of egoism," from French altruisme, coined or popularized 1830 by French philosopher Auguste Comte (1798-1857), from autrui, from Old French altrui, "of or to others," from Latin alteri, dative of alter "other" (see alter). Apparently suggested to Comte by French legal phrase l'autrui, or in full, le bien, le droit d'autrui. The -l- is perhaps a reinsertion from the Latin word.
There is a fable that when the badger had been stung all over by bees, a bear consoled him by a rhapsodic account of how he himself had just breakfasted on their honey. The badger replied peevishly, "The stings are in my flesh, and the sweetness is on your muzzle." The bear, it is said, was surprised at the badger's want of altruism. ["George Eliot," "Theophrastus Such," 1879]
1. The strength of altruism lies in the fact that altruistic acts undeniably occur in any society and that moral codes universally advocate altruism or benevolence and condemn selfishness.


2. The bottom line, he said, is that altruism may rely on a basic understanding that others hae motiations and actions that may be similar to our own.
他说, 底线是利他主义可能是基于这样的基本认识:别人也有和我们自己近似的动机和行为.


3. Altruism is crucial for social cohesion.


4. Altruism - the desire to do good - may be a motivational factor.


5. Among his gifts is his capacity for true altruism.


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