英 ['eɪlɪət(ə)rɪ; 'æl-] 美 ['elɪə'tɔri]
  • adj. 偶然的;即兴的
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aleatory (adj.)
"of uncertain outcome," literally "depending on the throw of a die," 1690s, from Latin aleatorius "pertaining to a gamester," from aleator "a dice player," from alea "a game with dice; chance, hazard, risk; a die, the dice;" perhaps literally "a joint-bone, a pivot-bone," and related to axis.
1. As the electrochemical rectifier transformer CAD system aleatory and enormous, it is divided into two parts.
由于电化学用整流变压器CAD系统较为复杂庞大, 分两个部分进行研究开发.


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