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truffle: [16] English acquired truffle, probably via Dutch truffel, from early modern French truffle, a derivative of Old French truffe (which survives as the modern French term for the fungus). This in turn came via Provençal trufa from a Vulgar Latin *tūfera, an alteration of the plural of Latin tūber ‘swelling, lump, tuber, truffle’ (from which English gets tuber [17] and tuberculosis [19]). The term was first used for a chocolate sweet with the external appearance of a truffle in the 1920s.
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type of edible underground fungus, 1590s, from Middle French trufle (14c.), probably from Old Provençal trufa, metathesized from Late Latin tufera (plural), cognate of Latin tuber "edible root." Another theory notes Italian tartuffo (Milanese tartuffel) "potato," supposedly from terræ tuber. Extended 1926 to powdered, round chocolates that look like truffles.