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spawn: [14] Spawn is ultimately the same word as expand, and etymologically it denotes the ‘spreading out’ of a fish’s eggs by its shedding them into the water. The word comes from espaundre, an Anglo-Norman variant of Old French espandre ‘spread, shed’. This was descended from Latin expandere ‘spread out’ (source of English expand [15]), a compound verb formed from the prefix ex- ‘out’ and pandere ‘spread’.
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spawn (v.)youdaoicibaDictYouDict
c. 1400, intransitive, from Anglo-French espaundre, Old French espandre "to spread out, pour out, scatter, strew, spawn (of fish)" (Modern French épandre), from Latin expandere (see expand). The notion is of a "spreading out" of fish eggs released in water. The transitive meaning "to engender, give rise to" is attested from 1590s. Related: Spawned; spawning.
spawn (n.)youdaoicibaDictYouDict
late 15c., "fish eggs," from spawn (v.); figurative sense of "brood, offspring," and, insultingly, of persons, is from 1580s.