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redoubt: [17] Redoubt ‘stronghold’ has no etymological connection with doubt (although redoubtable [14] does – it derives from the French ancestor of doubt, which originally meant ‘fear’, and so historically denotes ‘to be feared’). It was borrowed from French redoute, which goes back via obsolete Italian ridotta to medieval Latin reductus ‘hidden place, refuge’, a noun use of the past participle of Latin redūcere ‘bring back, withdraw’ (source of English reduce). The b was inserted under the influence of redoubtable.
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also redout, "small, enclosed military work," c. 1600, from French redoute (17c.), from Italian ridotto, earlier ridotta, "place of retreat," from Medieval Latin reductus "place of refuge, retreat," noun use of past participle of reducere "to lead or bring back" (see reduce). The -b- was added by influence of unrelated English redoubt (v.) "to dread, fear" (see redoubtable). As an adjective, Latin reductus meant "withdrawn, retired; remote, distant."