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recent: [16] English acquired recent from Latin recēns ‘new, fresh’, possibly via French récent. It is not clear where the Latin word came from, although some have linked it with Greek kainós ‘new’ (source of the English geological term cainozoic [19]) and Sanskrit kanīna- ‘young’.
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early 15c., from Latin recentem (nominative recens) "lately done or made, new, fresh, young," from re- (see re-) + PIE root *ken- (2) "fresh, new, young" (cognates: Greek kainos "new;" Sanskrit kanina- "young;" Old Irish cetu- "first;" Old Church Slavonic načino "to begin," koni "beginning"). Related: Recently; recentness (1670s, but OED reports recency (1610s) was "Common in 19th c.").