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museum: [17] Etymologically, a museum is a place devoted to the ‘muses’. It comes via Latin mūsēum ‘library, study’ from Greek mouseion ‘place of the muses’, a noun based on the adjective mouseios ‘of the muses’. This in turn was derived from mousa ‘muse’, source of English muse [14]. Other English words from the same source are mosaic and music. But muse ‘ponder’ is not related; it comes, like its first cousin amuse, from Old French muse ‘animal’s mouth’.
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1610s, "the university building in Alexandria," from Latin museum "library, study," from Greek mouseion "place of study, library or museum, school of art or poetry," originally "a seat or shrine of the Muses," from Mousa "Muse" (see muse (n.)). Earliest use in reference to English institutions was of libraries (such as the British Museum); sense of "building to display objects" first recorded 1680s.