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grotto: [17] Grotto and crypt are ultimately the same word. The source of both was Greek krúptē, originally ‘hidden place’, hence ‘vault’. English acquired crypt directly from krúptē’s Latin descendant, crypta, but grotto came via a more circuitous route. Crypta became *crupta or *grupta in Vulgar Latin, and this produced Italian grotta, later grotto. French borrowed it as grotte, and the earliest English form, the now obsolete grot [16], came from French, but in the 17th century the Italian version of the word established itself.
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"picturesque cavern or cave," 1610s, from Italian grotta, earlier cropta, a corruption of Latin crypta "vault, cavern," from Greek krypte "hidden place" (see crypt). Terminal -o may be from its being spelled that way in many translations of Dante's "Divine Comedy."