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basin: [13] Basin comes via Old French bacin from medieval Latin *bacchinus, a derivative of Vulgar Latin *bacca ‘water vessel’, which may originally have been borrowed from Gaulish. The Old French diminutive bacinet produced English basinet ‘helmet’ [14] and, with a modification of the spelling, bassinette ‘cradle’ [19], which was originally applied in French to any vaguely basin-shaped object.
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"large shallow vessel or dish," c. 1200, from Old French bacin (11c., Modern French bassin), from Vulgar Latin *baccinum, from *bacca "water vessel," perhaps originally Gaulish. Meaning "large-scale artificial water-holding landscape feature" is from 1712. Geological sense of "tract of country drained by one river or draining into one sea" is from 1830.